How To End Racism, Part 2

(Continued from Part One) If someone is expressing malice or hatred towards a certain group, it should be clear from the context. It is this contextual indicator that has allowed the formulation of many jokes in popular culture about people perceiving the word "Mexican" itself as an insult. The character Michael Scott, played by actor… Continue reading How To End Racism, Part 2


Is Life A Spectator Sport?

"...It has taken and still takes all of us, working together, to do this. We are the ones doing it, every day. And yet most of us seem to feel that we can have more control over football games than we can over our cities, our jobs, even our own lives." The curious thing about… Continue reading Is Life A Spectator Sport?

“What’s The Point of Doing Anything if Nobody’s Watching?”

"We all want to be famous, to be seen, frozen, preserved in the media, because we've come to trust what is seen more than what is actually lived. Somehow we've gotten everything backwards and images seem more real to us than experiences. To know that we really exist, that we really matter, we have to… Continue reading “What’s The Point of Doing Anything if Nobody’s Watching?”