The 2016 Election

When faced with such a terrifyingly polarizing and undeniably frightening election as we are in 2016, Unism stands as an ideological alternative to the two major parties. Donald Trump piggy-backing onto the Conservative party should deceive no one - however you feel about the promises he has made, or the issues that he is, "not… Continue reading The 2016 Election


Unism as a Participatory Culture

Hello all! Unism is the start of a new participatory culture, which solidifies the open-minded and well-intended among us: the millions and millions of otherwise non-categorizable, non-affiliated people who are not satisfied with the state of disharmony, predation, and warfare we exist¬†in. ¬†Unism is for those of us, all across the world, who seek to… Continue reading Unism as a Participatory Culture