Call To Inaction #2

Hello world! In our second official Call To Inaction - our term for a concerted, repeating avoidance of a product, service, or activity - we are addressing a realm that will require much attention in the coming month's posts: the Internet. In 2016, hardly any of us actually stop and take time out of our day… Continue reading Call To Inaction #2


The Left-Right Political Spectrum: A Relic

Not a fan of the Republican party? Disillusioned by the Democrats? Maybe you're okay with one party's actual politics, but are sick of their image or those who represent it? Or maybe you just can't see the main party Ever addressing the issues of daily life that truly matter to you? Do you ever look… Continue reading The Left-Right Political Spectrum: A Relic

Are You A Ghost Using The Internet? Part 2

Part One is found here In our contemporary age, we like to think of "web-surfing" as a much more involved or stimulating activity than just "channel-surfing," a term (dating back to at least 1986) for television viewers who would scan their thousands of available TV stations without finding a program that even remotely (lol!) pleased them. Channel-surfing… Continue reading Are You A Ghost Using The Internet? Part 2