Are You Still In Bed? Pt. 2

Just waking up is one thing.. But actually getting out of bed? Ugggghhh... How much of our lives are spent Doing things we wish we didn't have to: work (usually any occupation that isn't your dream job) with all the traffic/commuter problems that accompany it; civilian obligations (such as jury duty, tax preparation or filing); or… Continue reading Are You Still In Bed? Pt. 2


Are You Still In Bed? Part 1

"We, as a new generation of thinkers, inventors, and reinventors able to traverse a global world without fear or prejudice for the Other, and in the service of our commons, will be uniquely capable of and responsible for forging a new path for total global coexistence." - The Unists Waking up. Ugggggggggghhhhhhhhhh. Waking up can… Continue reading Are You Still In Bed? Part 1