Watch Episode 3 of the Unists Podcast!

Episode 3 of The Unists podcast is up and running on YouTube as we speak! In this episode, Nick sits down with Rachel again to FINALLY, for the first time in video and podcast forms, discuss what the hell Unism is!! While regular visitors to our site, events or meetings can enjoy this episode as… Continue reading Watch Episode 3 of the Unists Podcast!


Socialism Could Never Work (?)

On this quick clip of The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, Peter Schiff, an economist, explains his position on why socialism is such a pervasive ideology, in spite of its constant failures. Unism rejects the political and economic implications and applications of socialism as well, yet understands the appeal perhaps more than most.. You need not… Continue reading Socialism Could Never Work (?)

Understanding Learning Disabilities

Here is an incredible video that was shared with us: it is a professional development course for teachers, in which they are subjected to the processing issues and conditions a student with Learning Disabilities experiences everyday. This video serves as a powerful equalizer, allowing us to better understand how those with different developmental speeds… Continue reading Understanding Learning Disabilities

Podcast Episode 1, Feat. Last Born in the Wilderness

Here is our "special edition" rerelease of our very first podcast episode! Featuring special guest Patrick Farnsworth from the exquisite podcast Last Born in the Wilderness! He's truly an amazing truth seeker, thinker, interviewer, host and guest, and he helped us highlight some of the inextricable hypocrisies involved in casting political enemies as fascists, overt… Continue reading Podcast Episode 1, Feat. Last Born in the Wilderness

Radical Thought: The Root Of Unism

The following [essay is a] response to Jean Baudrillard's text "Radical Thought," ("La Pensee Radicale." Sens & Tonka, eds.,¬†Collection Morsure, Paris, 1994) first published in English for¬†CTheory in 1995. Radical Being Rachel K. Ward The most powerful instinct of man is to be in conflict with truth, and with the real.--Jean Baudrillard, "Radical Thought," 1995… Continue reading Radical Thought: The Root Of Unism

When Exploitation is Sold as Empowerment: Immigration & the DNC

Unism faces many issues in its efforts to catalyze a comprehensive societal transformation ("reboot") along the lines of an OS update able to synchronize, bring up-to-date, redefine and reaffirm our (civic, societal, personal, and interpersonal) intentions, expectations, obligations, parameters for existence and relations to others, both as purpose-driven, autonomously self-actualizing individuals, AND as interdependent, necessary… Continue reading When Exploitation is Sold as Empowerment: Immigration & the DNC