Unism Podcast // Episode 1: The Election

In this very first episode of the Unism podcast, we hear about the 2016 Presidential election, the current political landscape, and how Unism transcends it - Not through some new age hippie rhetoric, but through a fundamental, universal code: do to others what you would have done to you. From this starting point, the hosts lay out the implications of this foundational principle, and how it can be used to steer the course of humankind towards total global and inner peace.


The Philosophy of South Park

  An amazing video on the 19th season of South Park which aired at this time, last year, and each of the extremely pertinent social issues that it addressed! Even as offensive, disgusting, and disturbingly evocative as the show South Park can intentionally be, the show is exceptionally skilled at weaving into its narrative incredible commentary on our… Continue reading The Philosophy of South Park