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Unism was created as a viable alternative to the current bipolar political landscape, where we chose between those who want to control others, except when it comes to making money (a caricature of Republicans) and those who want to control/pander to others, so long as it keeps them in power (a caricature of Democrats). As spectators of the modern world, we chose our political leanings based on who makes us less angry, who we hate less. Anyone seeking political prominence acts out of self-interest, and anyone who truly campaigns for the people is swiftly disenfranchised. Our modern governance is an absolute farce, ruled by lobbyists and influential elites: not shadowy puppet-masters, but public figures with capital and financial acumen. These are all clear indications that the system has failed us, the people, the general public, those not of the political or moneyed classes. Is this really the world we are meant to live in? If we can even afford to live in it at all? And by afford, we mean by working your entire life away to pay off half of a home, if you’re lucky?

Amidst this two-party spectrum, Unism aims to unite all those who are sick of the broken society we are meant to inherit. As those who will soon take charge, this generation must find its voice, and with it, denounce the failings of the past.

Do not be seduced by the trappings of the established political order! Just because Republicans are out-of-touch fear-mongers does not mean you need to become a Democrat.  Just because the Democrats are corporate shills who support well-intentioned yet largely debilitating social programs only for the allegiance it affords them does not mean you need to become a Republican. You do not need to become a Conservative or Neo-Con to fight against the growing tide of inherently patronizing political correctness (patronizing to both the minorities it alleges to “protect” by pedestaling and verbally segregating them, and to the majority it hypocritically stereotypes as forever guilty and inescapably oppressive). You do not need to become a Liberal or Social Justice activist to fight against what you see as the growing tide of racism and fascism – by taking such a polarizing, uncompromising stance you are embodying all the traits you allege of your ‘enemy’, and are unwittingly swelling the ranks of an otherwise negligible faction of actual racists by watering down the definition and benchmark for racism – and you are actively hindering multicultural coexistence by inflammatorily antagonizing so many people who would otherwise happily be allied in the actual fight for actual equality, but are instead lumped in with your enemies based on the color of their skin!

There is an alternative that has the common sense once found in both parties, without the terrible reputations and failings that have come to typify either. That alternative is Unism. But what is Unism?

unism (4)

As a philosophy:

Unism is a new intellectual framework which addresses the deficiencies of our modern world and its existing ideologies, with an emphasis on not merely “tolerating” or paying lip service to, but recognizing and accepting:  (1) the fundamental humanity and dignity of all individuals, (2) their right to that humanity – insofar as they act humanely, and (3) their right to that dignity – based on their actions and character,  not on their opinions.

We don’t need everybody to love each other. You can hate whomever you wish. So long as each of us, regardless of any artificial or acknowledged division of humanity, does not impede another’s ability to be a constructive member of their community, it will be upon that person to fulfill that duty.

Instead of aligning oneself along the left-right sociopolitical spectrum (LiberalismConservatism), Unism offers one an outlook on life which transcends that spectrum,  a transcendence which we see as vital for any school of thought intent on helping modern day individuals, societies, and humanity at large all determine their true purpose, and realize their full potential on their own terms.

As a movement:

Unism is a non-violent movement meant to prove:  

a) that society is absolutely transformable, 

b) that everything you, I, and we as a community do 
can be improved upon, and 

c) that complete peace (beginning with personal inner peace, 
to be externalized into world peace) is completely
 within our reach. 

These are not simple platitudes meant to console a hippie’s heart. These are actual, practical guidelines meant to realize the ideal world which we (if we work for it) truly deserve. These will come about by:

(1) shedding our ancient hatreds (towards others and ourselves) and 

(2) through recognizing and achieving our individual and thereafter 
universal purpose, neither of which are in the current interests of 
Any contemporary political leaning, as they are instead enslaved to 
maintaining (overtly: Conservatism, and covertly/unwittingly: 
Liberalism) the status quo of perpetual division and class struggle

Individual purpose:

Always Self-determined BY the individual, in harmony with the Golden Rule (“Treat others as you would be treated,” or “Love others as you love yourself,” meaning we must first embody an appropriate love for our Self), a purpose which is derived from, in support of, and fulfilled by setting and then achieving meaningful goals through reasonable effort and work.

We do NOT envision this future as a large scale, hippie commune where no work is done, yet somehow we all get paid calling ourselves DJ’s, bloggers, and skateboarders..  We anticipate real, physical work towards real, physical greatness being constructed as a community, for the community. Whatever  passion or skill fits this definition should serve the community as much as it serves ones’ own sense of purpose. By pursuing such a purpose, we can experience Individual fulfillment, and fulfill our Universal purpose:

Universal purpose :

To live as one people – not divided by race, religion, nationalities, ethnicities, genders, nor ideologies – so that we may utilize our resources (natural or otherwise) in the most efficient ways possible.  All that exists which can be willingly brought into harmony will be, for the benefit of each individual therein

This is NOT the perverted definition of unity championed by Liberals and SJWs, whereby communities are kept segregated and are constantly told to focus on differences, forever fractured into calculable voter bases, but TRUE UNITY, for the purpose of building a New Culture free of the failings of the past, not damned to worship Ancient Culture in isolation, cowering in fear of the Other, but focused on making the most of what is in our control. 

About “The Unists”

The Unists, defined in relation to this blog, refers to the team of writers and contributors who have aligned themselves with the principles and intentions of Unism.

We come from all different backgrounds, and have found common ground in our shared vision for a world that allows and encourages the fulfillment of one’s self for the sake of the fulfillment of the community, and in our rejection of the fears and hatreds which linger on in our social constructs. We are all dedicated to the radical transformation of our societies along these lines, transformations which will consequently affect our economic, political, and social realities.

We are in agreement that these changes will not come due to our philosophical understandings alone, but due to the actions we take, precipitated by our understanding. Understanding is a crucial starting point for any true change, and thus we seek to emphasize the understanding of our modern world through the unification and refinement of existing philosophies, so as to provide a blueprint for those hoping to affect real change in our lifetimes – How frustrating must it be for a dedicated liberal, communist, capitalist, or conservative to have sacrificed their time, energy, money, and life to a political or philosophical cause which they must later discover, only after it is too late, lacks the true transformative capacity for the change they wished to see in the world?..  For if any of these political parties/approaches were in and of themselves true solutions to our societal problems, we would have identified them as such long, long ago. If the Democrats ran things best, or even just ‘better,’ Detroit would be Disneyland, as Democrats have controlled it since the 60’s. If Republicans held the solutions to anything, the American South would be a paradise for modern man. If economic communism, socialism, or capitalism were wholly functional or universally beneficial, we wouldn’t have anything to talk about at all, as these systems run the entirety of the civilized world.

We as Unists believe that, across the entire earth, Liberals and Conservatives essentially want the same thing: happiness, security, and prosperity; for themselves, and for those they care about. Yet where they differ greatly is in their approaches and perspectives on how to achieve those goals. And the political culture which they inhabit has become so corrupted and societally toxic because of them, that the entire progression of society has halted.

We have found that both respective approaches lack the fundamental concerns and conditions for facilitating those goals, and thus offer only the faint “hope” of such eventualities, while never stopping to examine the true failings of both approaches. By introducing Unism, we intend to forge a new path towards truly realizing those goals, which utilizes the barometer of human fulfillment as a guiding force for what is actually valuable in life.

We will explain more of what human fulfillment is comprised of, and how to achieve it, individually, and more importantly, collectively, in our blog and upcoming essays and articles.

We do not have to become hippies to improve our world. We must simply regain power from the oligarchs who have consolidated it against us.

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